Classic Convertible Chevrolet Car Hire Melbourne

Chevs For Hire is a classic Chevrolet car hire service based in Doreen, Melbourne. Your Melbourne Chevrolet car hire service is perfect for all occasions such as Weddings, Debs, Formals, Wine tours, Joy Rides, Day Trips, Promotional Shoots, Movies/TV, Funerals, Surprise Birthdays, Gift Vouchers and more….

At Chevs For Hire, you’re always the centre of attention travelling in a classic chevrolet!


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Doreen, VIC

Hours of Operation

Monday: 6am-2am

Tuesday: 6am-2am

Wednesday: 6am-2am

Thursday: 6am-2am

Friday: 6am-2am

Saturday: 6am-2am

Sunday: 6am-2am